Monday, June 13, 2016

Teeth Around the Globe

Meghan visited Copenhagen recently and took this picture of a local dental office. “Klinik” is pretty easy to decipher, but we had to look up “tand.” Tand is the Danish word for tooth. That got us thinking about how to say “tooth” in other languages. What can we say? We love learning new things.

Spanish                       diente

Haitian Creole            dan

Russian                       зуб

Irish                           fiacail

Italian                       dente

Korean                      치아

Hebrew                      שן

German                     Zahn

Indonesian                gigi

Portuguese               dente

Japanese                    歯

Swahili                     jino

Polish                       ząb

Greek                       δόντι

Armenian                ատամ

Chinese                     牙齿

Arabic                        سن

Turkish                    diş

Thai                        ฟัน

Finnish                   hammas

Slovenian               zob

Hindi                        दांत

Vietnamese           răng

If we forgot your favorite language, we apologize! Please feel free to write it in the comments section.

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